Integrity Roofing


"Our roof is the size of a church buildings roof, so we split up the work and did the back one year followed by the front the next.  We did not have the back half of our roof replaced by Integrity Roofing and quickly regretted that decision.  We had problem after problem with the roof, shingles coming off with the first real wind storm, leaking when it rained.

Next time we had it done by Integrity Roofing.  what a difference, they were professional and efficient and the best part... when they were done, the were done!  No problems awaiting us come that next storm."

Chad and Stacie Carter


"My experience with Integrity Roofing has been bery good.  I believe they provide quality service at a competitive price. 

Eric has a great attitude, is easy to work with , and dependable.   I especially appreciate his wellingness to repond quickly in emergency type situations.  I highly recommend Integrity Roofing to my freinds and family, and you should use them too."

Jeremy Bitner, Equity Real Estate


"We have used Integrity Roofing Inc. on our Jobs for the last couple of years.  They have been absolutely amazing.  They have spectacular workmanship, and cleanup. 

Integrity Roofing is the best company that we have ever had work for us.

Thank you for everything!"

Sterling Brimley Construction


"Integrity Roofing had been doing our roofs for some time now, we have always found them to be professional in their work, and we are pleased wtih their quality, availability, and work ability.  We would recommend Integrity Roofing for any projects they may want to do."

Steve Harris Costruction


"I have insured Integrity Roofing since 2006.  They carry General Liability insurance of 1 Million per occurrence, Commercial Insurance of 1 million per accident and, Workers Compensation should any of their employeees get hurt on the job.  I also know they have very few claims of any kind.

And when I added a garage to my house and needed a roof complicated by trying  the new to the old,  I called Eric at Integrity.  His crew did a superb job, and at a great price."

Aaron Griffth, Beehive Insurance.